This December, Dr Shergill will be taking some much-deserved time to visit his family.

We have found wonderful locum’s to cover appointments during that time period, however, please be advised that hours and availability will be decreased around the holiday; we will be CLOSED FROM THURSDAY DECEMBER 24 TO SUNDAY JANUARY 3

We encourage all those with ongoing prescriptions and/or specialty food requests to place your orders asap to minimize delays.

Please ensure that you have enough on hand to get you through to the new year.


Updated September 21, 2020

Business Hours

Monday through Saturday:

9am to 5pm

Sunday and Stat Holidays:


Safety Precautions

Staff only are permitted inside the building

For the safety of our staff and clients, masks are strongly encouraged.

All staff will be wearing masks at all times.

We recognize that communication may be altered and/or limited.

Please let us know how best we can communicate with you during your visit.


Our hardworking team is dealing with a large volume of appointment requests.

Illness, urgent and time-sensitive vaccinations have priority for appointment bookings.


Please fill out a check-in/patient history form prior to your appointment time

Check in at the side table; ring the door bell to alert staff to your arrival

Upon completion of your pet's appointment, the invoice can be paid at our reception window


Reception is operating at our garden window.

After payment, larger items are picked up from the front door.

*If you do not see our reception staff at the window, please ring the bell to alert us of your presence*

Prescription Refills and Food Orders

Please make use of email or petdesk for requests


Subject: Pet Name, Client Last Name - RX Refill or Food Order


  • Patient Name

  • Owner Full Name

  • Phone Number

  • Name of Drug/Product

  • Current dosing information

  • Desired refill quantity

Our protocols and safety measures continue to adapt in time with current legislation and for the safety of our staff and clients. 

Your patience is very much appreciated.

Be calm, be kind, be safe!

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